Mobile Marketing Daily
Monday, November 17, 2014
  • Tablet Market Nears Saturation, Analysts Describe Market As 'Grim'

    "The slowdown has been pervasive, and even the launch of the new iPads has not served to reignite sales growth," NPD's Stephen Baker says. … Read the whole story

  • Ad Networks Are Flying Blind

    Mobile marketers need a behavioral index for mobile apps. Behavior encompasses two main elements-what the app does and how well it does those things. … Read the whole story

  • ESPN To Relaunch Mobile App, Social Lens Feature Ups ABC Shows

    Coming in April, ESPN -- one of Disney's biggest brands -- will see a relaunch of its biggest mobile app, "SportsCenter." That app will … Read the whole story

  • Target's Mobile App Adds Interactive In-Store Maps In Time For Black Friday Specials

    Target's in-store mobile app navigation tools offering enhanced search capabilities, interactive maps, and shopping lists began rolling out Monday to support consumers visiting the … Read the whole story

  • Facebook Changes Stripes Once Again, Organic Brand Posts Now Endangered

    Facebook late Friday announced yet another push to reduce the number of organic brand posts it says are cluttering its users' newsfeeds. In an … Read the whole story