• Online All Stars, Marketers: Kim Kadlec, Worldwide Vice President, Global Marketing Group, Johnson & Johnson
    Back when the waters of media, which for decades had meant TV, radio, print and OOH, became murky with digital offerings, Kim Kadlec steered Johnson & Johnson - a big ship, indeed - through some very choppy seas. When there were icebergs dead ahead, she safely led the way to an integrated digital age. It may seem as if we're talking about a long-past era, but really it was only a few short years ago that Kadlec pulled the eighth largest advertiser in the U.S. out of the TV upfront and directed significant chunks of budget toward the then still-emerging …
  • Online All Star, Marketers: Rob Master, Vice President, Media, Unilever
    The great marketing Web rush left many prospectors panning for impressions that just were not there, but Rob Master and Unilever struck gold again and again. Campaigns such as Suave's "In the Motherhood," "Evolution" (the viral behemoth that set the bar), and "The Campaign for Real Beauty" for Dove, as well as "The Axe Effect" and other Web-based hits for men's body spray, Axe, found mass audiences utilizing fragmenting digital media.
  • Online All Stars: Darren Herman, Chief Digital Media Officer, The Media Kitchen
    Darren Herman may be the most unlikely All Star OMMA has ever had. In fact, if not for a flippant challenge from his Madison Avenue mentor, and current boss, Barry Lowenthal, Herman might never have even gotten into the agency business.
  • Online All Stars, Media Planners: Laura Lang, CEO, Digitas
    When Laura Lang ascended to CEO of Digitas in 2008, you'd think she was handed the keys to the kingdom. The agency was the pride of the digital advertising community, and had just been acquired by Paris-based agency holding company Publicis, whose Chairman-CEO Maurice Levy was busy telling the world that digital was the future of the agency business, and Digitas was now the jewel in Publicis' crown. And if that weren't enough digital writing on the wall, her predecessor, David Kenny, had moved into the chief digital strategy role for all of Publicis, had become co-managing director of its …
  • Online All Stars, Media Planners: Nigel Morris, CEO, Aegis Media Americas
    Nigel Morris cut his teeth on digital, so it's only fitting that he's leading one of the world's largest media shops, given how vital digital and online have become to all marketing. He's the CEO of Aegis Media Americas and before that he founded Isobar, one of the first and now one of the largest digital agencies.
  • Online All Stars, Marketers: John Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer, American Express
    When American Express partnered with Facebook and Foursquare this summer, a key component of those promotional initiatives was the agreement that no personal cardmember information be shared with the social sites. That's because protecting member information is one of the cornerstones of the 161-year-old brand. But so is relentlessly jumping into new mediums, says John Hayes, the company's chief marketing officer and a 17-year veteran of American Express. Trust and security, he notes, are part of the brand's promise, even as it tries out new digital waters.
  • Online All Stars, Creatives: Mike Geiger, Chief Digital Officer, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
    It's just too bad the digital agency world doesn't have a mayor. It has a terrific candidate. Mike Geiger, the first chief digital officer at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, has an immense passion for the work, plus an ability to foster collaboration and - maybe best of all - to stick to the point.
  • Online All Stars, Creatives: JoonYong Park, Chief Creative Officer, Firstborn
    Recently, an enterprising junior editor at Firstborn finished a 15-minute short film he'd been working on for two years. The production wasn't for one of the New York digital agency's growing list of blue-chip clients - just for himself, a personal journey.
  • Online All Stars, Creatives: Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer, U.DIG> THe Digital Innovations Group
    As the head of U.DIG> The Digital Innovations Group, a project-oriented boutique headquartered in New York City, Alan Schulman is supposed to preach pixels and platforms. Hes supposed to deride old-school marketing mavens for their worship of the idea. Hes supposed to spend his idle hours hyperconnecting with the online world around him.
  • Online All Stars: Letter from the Editor
    Like most trade publishers, we produce our share of industry awards. Some, like the OMMA Awards are open competitions that any qualifying entity is invited to enter. Others, like our annual "Agency of the Year" awards are based strictly on the view of our editorial team. The "All Stars," which recognize and profile nine industry leaders each year are one of the latter.
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