• Tribal DDB - Pepsi-Cola North America, "Pepsi Stuff Insider"
    Tribal DDB
    Pepsi-Cola North America, "Pepsi Stuff Insider"
    Finalist E-mail Campaign

    Tribal DDB: Matt Smith, associate creative director; Nathan Weston, art director; Adam Schaffer, copywriter; Billi Ryan, account supervisor; Lauren Duncan, assistant account executive; Stephanie Hoock, assistant account executive; Sam Kite, web developer. Pepsi: Lawrence DiCapua, senior marketing manager; Colleen Adamec, associate marketing manager.

    When pepsi launched its pepsi stuff point-based continuity program, it wanted a way to keep participants informed and engaged. Each e-mail had ...

  • Smith-Harmon Inc. - REI
    Smith-Harmon Inc.
    Finalist E-mail Campaign

    Smith-Harmon: Lisa Harmon, principal; Wacarra Yeomans, senior designer; Darrah MacLean, writer/editor. REI: Meg Reynolds, manager, e-mail programs.

    Rei's new-member e-mail series leverages membership data to make its communications compelling and informative. Customers of the sporting goods store who become members are actually joining a co-op; a monthly e-mail during their first year highlights the benefits of membership and provides links to content that shows rei's commitment to members, communities and the outdoors. Each mail covers a single topic and keeps ...

  • Moxie Interactive - Verizon Wireless
    Moxie Interactive
    Verizon Wireless
    Finalist E-mail Campaign

    Verizon Wireless: John Edwards, associate director, eCRM; Brian Thibo, manager, eCRM. Moxie Interactive: Sapana Sheth, account supervisor; Jonathan Harris, eCRM solutions engineer.

    Each month, verizon wireless delivers a newsletter to its customers, personalized down to the kind of phone, calling plan and services each customer uses. Content is aligned with specific, tangible marketing objectives. Not only does each e-mail provide the customer with useful details on their phone plan, it ...

  • Yesmail - HP
    Finalist Standalone E-mail

    Yesmail: Matt Caldwell, senior creative director. HP: MaryAnn Antonelli, consumer Newsgram program manager.

    In lieu of using actual paper, hp opted instead to send an ecofriendly e-mail to celebrate its milestone of recycling more than 1 billion pounds of computer hardware and ink cartridges. hp shared its recycling progress in an e-mail form of show-and-tell, in hopes of connecting with and inspiring its customers. Launched in November 2007 - coinciding with America ...

  • Merkle Inc. - Corporate Express
    Merkle Inc.
    Corporate Express
    Finalist Standalone E-mail

    Anne Alden, creative director; Ed Nepomunceno, art director; Eric Mees, copywriter; Terry Wilson, editor; Nicole Bull, production design/HTML development; Colleen Petitt, senior account director

    E-way, an e-commerce component of corporate Express, a business-to-business supplier of office products, was in search of a way to remind customers of orders they may have abandoned in a forgotten shopping cart. In a one-two punch, it also aimed to build awareness of other products and special offers. To rope those forgetful consumers back in, the company ...

  • Digitas - American Express and DailyCandy, "Local Deals"
    American Express and DailyCandy, "Local Deals"
    Finalist Standalone E-mail

    American Express: Jaimie Daniels director, marketplace platforms, global network marketing & information; Kathleen King, vice president, marketplace development, establishment services; Theresa Luongo, manager, marketplace platform, global network marketing & information. Digitas: Ryan Griffin, vice president, director, media; Jeanne Jennings, media supervisor. DailyCandy: Riva Syrop, senior account executive; Aly Racer, vice president of sales.

    In March, candy and cards combined to launch DailyCandy and American Express' "Local Deals" emails. These emails were targeted to consumers in four distinct markets: ...

  • IQ Interactive - UPS, "UPS Whiteboard Headquarters"
    IQ Interactive
    UPS, "UPS Whiteboard Headquarters"
    Finalist Advertising/Promotion Web Site or Microsite

    Tony Quin, owner and executive creative director

    UPS knew that the best way to let its audience know it does much more than shipping was with quick and witty insights into the other products and services it offers. The resulting site, ups Whiteboard Headquarters, brought to life a crossplatform campaign based on the image of a man drawing on a whiteboard the ways ups can help businesses. Clever ...

  • Goodby, Silverstein & Partners - Adobe Creative Suite 3, "Adobe Layer Tennis"
    Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
    Adobe Creative Suite 3, "Adobe Layer Tennis"
    Finalist Advertising/Promotion Web Site or Microsite

    Goodby, Silverstein & Partners: Sidney Bosley, strategy director, executive producer; Jim Coudal, producer; Dharnesh Kaur, communication strategist; Ben Cafuir, junior communication strategist; Joshua Spanier, communication strategy department head. Coudal Partners.

    Working from two key insights - creatives take pride in their software skills, but they rarely get to show them off - Goodby invented a sporting event that would play to both while showcasing Adobe products. No money was spent advertising ...

  • 65 Media - Twentieth Century Fox/The Simpsons Movie
    65 Media
    Twentieth Century Fox/The Simpsons Movie
    Finalist Advertising/Promotion Web Site or Microsite

    Albin Reif, chief creative officer; T. Lim, creative director; Tima Link, Carlos Luna, Hleb Marholin, designers; Matthew Jordan, Emily Boisvert, Jonathan Tavss, producers; Priscilla Gomez, Hleb Marholin, Tai Yun Kim, animators; Brandon Yano, Divine Ramirez, Flash developers; Norma Carballo, production coordinator; Herb Larin, quality assurance; Allen McCrea, engineering

    The site for the simpsons movie invited users to become part of the neighborhood. Users ...

  • McKinney - Virgin Mobile, "Promiscuous Text"
    Virgin Mobile, "Promiscuous Text"
    Finalist Viral Campaign

    McKinney: Jonathan Cude, chief creative officer; Ellen Steinberg, group creative director; Jenny Nicholson, copywriter; Maari Thrall, account director; Tom Hickey, media director; Amy Baker, associate media director; Amanda Cameron, media supervisor; Mandy Murawsky, media planner; Josh Eggleston, senior producer; Nicole Kuhnlein, producer; Melissa Blavos, producer; Jim Russell, director of interactive strategy; John Newall, group account director; Walker Teele, account director; David Griffith, director account planning; Walt Barron, senior account planner; Anne Newton, account executive; Shawn Covely, director interactive production; Clive ...

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