Digitas - American Express and DailyCandy, "Local Deals"

  • by August 27, 2008
American Express and DailyCandy, "Local Deals"
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American Express: Jaimie Daniels director, marketplace platforms, global network marketing & information; Kathleen King, vice president, marketplace development, establishment services; Theresa Luongo, manager, marketplace platform, global network marketing & information. Digitas: Ryan Griffin, vice president, director, media; Jeanne Jennings, media supervisor. DailyCandy: Riva Syrop, senior account executive; Aly Racer, vice president of sales.

In March, candy and cards combined to launch DailyCandy and American Express' "Local Deals" emails. These emails were targeted to consumers in four distinct markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, and featured offers selected by DailyCandy's editors for limited-time savings, free products, and complimentary services from spas, boutiques, yoga studios, etc. from local merchants in each market. Consumers who used their Amex cards to make purchases through participating "Local Deals" merchants also received an extra 10% off. Additionally, DailyCandy hosted one shopping event per market. The first took place in July at edge*nyNoHo and offered DailyCandy's New York subscribers 20 percent off all purchases when they used an American Express card during the event. What better way to drive in-store purchases than with e-mail deals tailored perfectly to your audience?

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