• Online All Star: Donnie Williams
    Remember that famous quote about the Battle of Waterloo being won on the playing fields of Eton? It has been said sports build character and can serve as solid preparation for a career as a leader.
  • Online All Star: Bob Arnold
    Bob Arnold's digital marketing story begins in Belgium. The University of Cincinnati student was on an exchange program during the dot-com boom and fell in love with the country. He was so attached he moved back after graduation and took a job at the European headquarters of Procter & Gamble.
  • Online All Star: Michael Donnelly
    The best business decision MasterCard Senior Vice President and Group Head of Global Digital Marketing Michael Donnelly ever made, he says, was "doubling down" on digital marketing as a career specialty.
  • Online All Star: Elizabeth Elfenbein
    Elizabeth Elfenbein is officially known as "Partner, Creative" at health and wellness agency The CementBloc, and the title "Chief Happiness Officer" fits, too. "I put a lot of energy into ensuring that our company is a really positive place to be," she says. "As a creative leader, your job is to make sure people are happy because if they're happy, they're going to be more inspired."
  • Online All Star: Adam Kasper
    Adam Kasper knows from backbreaking work. Hoping to earn a few bucks during his college summers, he toiled in a series of restaurants. While this didn't make him unique among almost-adults of that age, it turned out Kasper was a natural. And so it was that after graduation, he went to work in the business full-time, eventually moving to Washington, d.c., to open a touted new restaurant and serve as its chef.
  • Online All Star: Adam Kleinberg
    Every week, Traction ceo Adam Kleinberg spends a few mornings on the shores of Lake Merritt near his Oakland, Calif., home, practicing the martial art of tai chi. He attributes continued success of the agency he leads to this deliberate ritual of clearing his mind.
  • Online All Star: Dawn Maire
    Many of the industry's top strategists honed their skills at a consultancy, or by serving a long apprenticeship under a Yoda-grade mentor at a corporate monolith. Rockfish's Dawn Maire, however, started her journey into the worlds of digital, brand and retail strategy in an unlikely marketing/media segment: telemarketing.
  • Online All Star: Steve Minichini
    Steve Minichini caught on to the potential of interactive media early on.
  • Online All Star: B. Bonin Bough
    At many companies, the suggestion that a large brand's entire marketing budget be poured into social media would prompt either disbelieving giggles or a demand that the offending team members undergo psychiatric counseling. But when the Nilla brand team at Mondelz International (formerly Kraft Foods) proposed just such a plan, it was received enthusiastically.
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