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Friday, April 5, 2013
  • eBay Rebrands To Build Ad Network

    eBay has rebranded to the eBay Commerce Network in an effort to build out a lead-generation advertising network. has evolved from a ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Home Rolls Out For Android

    Facebook has unveiled new software that provides a more immersive and immediate experience for people using Android phones. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that ... Read the whole story

  • Local Mobile Advertising Expected To Rocket To $9B By 2017

    Mobile local media advertising is poised to soar in the next four years. It is forecast to hit $9.1 billion in 2017 from $1.2 ... Read the whole story

  • Live Video Viewing Tops VOD

    As consumers get cozier with digital services -- and those services continue to improve -- major differences are emerging in the time they spend ... Read the whole story

  • Publishers Clearing House Ups Sweepstakes Appeal, Via Facebook Superfans

    Publishers Clearing House has revamped its Facebook Superfan program, adding video and other features to make it more social and interactive to encourage sharing. ... Read the whole story

  • Consumers Allowed To Bring Class-Action Against comScore

    Web measurement company comScore suffered a major defeat in court this week, when a federal judge ruled that consumers who are suing the company ... Read the whole story

  • Jumptap Grows Reach With RTB Platform

    Mobile ad network Jumptap said Thursday that its U.S. monthly reach had grown 28% to 171 million since quietly launching a real-time bidding platform ... Read the whole story

  • Ad Creation, Native Style

    If you're not exploring native advertising, you run the risk that your inventory will be commoditized in the long term. Will Price, CEO of ... Read the whole story

  • For Immediate Release: More BS

    I was reading a press release yesterday that included the phrases world-class; highly respected; global leadership; award-winning; innovative platform; new patent-pending capabilities; around the ... Read the whole story