Publishers Daily Editions for February 2024
Publishers Daily - Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024
Buff Newsrooms: What It Takes To Be A Journalistic Leader
Hearst Did Well In 2023 Despite Economic Headwinds
Brene Brown Podcasts To Be Featured On Vox
Dale R. Anglin To Serve As Director Of Press Forward
'Bloomberg News' Names Shona Ghosh As A Senior Tech Editor
Google Increases Revenue For Publishers, Support For YouTube Creators
Broadcast TV Has Broadest Reach Among American Adults
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024
Dotdash Dish: Publisher Achieves 9% Digital Surge In Q4
'TVNewsCheck' Suspends Its News Coverage
H2Media Acquires 'Swimming World' Brand
The Arena Group May Continue Producing 'Sports Illustrated': Report
Apple iMessage, Microsoft Edge, Bing Are Not Gatekeepers, EU Declares
Proposal To Outlaw Fake Reviews Too Vague, IAB Says
Amazon Sued Over Ads In Prime Video
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024
News Takes A Back Seat: Sunday Newspapers Will No Longer Be Up-To-Date
Gannett Names A Chief Data Privacy Officer
'Times Union' Relaunches Its Capitol Confidential Newsletter
404 Media Says It Is Profitable Six Months In
Aaron Foley To Serve As News Editor Of 'The Amsterdam News'
Ohio Social Media Law Ruled Unconstitutional
Spotify Prioritizes Native Podcast Creation, Sunsets Beloved Podcasting Tools
Publishers Daily - Monday, Feb. 12, 2024
Burnt Cookies: How B2B Publishers Can Get Along Without Them
'Rolling Stone' Editor Noah Shachtman Steps Down
Citizen-Powered Media, Colorado Publishing Nonprofit, Closes Doors
CBS News Digital Staffers Vote To Unionize
Today Media Acquires Suburban Maryland Titles
Republicans Want SCOTUS To Restrict White House Contact With Tech Platforms
Meta Will Stop Recommending Political Content On Instagram, Threads
Ohio AG Presses Bid To Regulate Google Search Results
Publishers Daily - Friday, Feb. 9, 2024
Podcast Guests Punch The Clock: Most Top Programs Have them
'The New York Times' Sees A Surge In Digital Subscribers
Aid For Worldwide Media Development Is Flat, Study Finds
Most UK Publishers Believe They Can Handle Digital Challenges
Yun-Hee Kim Promoted To New Tech Role At 'The Washington Post'
Jim Falzone To Head Boston Media Group
California Design Code Censors Speech, 'Masquerades' As Privacy Law, Tech Group Argues
Meta Expands Labeling Of Misleading Images Created By AI Tools
Publishers Daily - Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024
AI Housekeeper: Newsrooms Are Largely Using The Technology For Mundane Workflow Tasks
Dow Jones Sees 4% Revenue Gain In Q2
Gannett Argues That $25 Million Defamation Verdict Resulted From A Flawed Trial Process
Graydon Carter Said To Be In Talks To Sell Air Mail
X Will Soon Allow Users To Publish Feature Articles: Report
Ad Industry Wants FTC To Clarify 'Junk Fee' Proposal
Media Matters Seeks Dismissal Of X's Suit Over Critical Report
Mirroring Gen AI: Marketers Are Now Using It For Content Production
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024
AI Coach: Microsoft Works With Newsrooms To Help Them Use The New Capability
Gannett To Appeal Oklahoma Defamation Verdict
Julia Turner Leaves Post As SVP Of Content Business Strategy At 'Los Angeles Times'
Megan Kitt Acquires 'The Coronado Times' From Steve Johnson
Ryan Kedzierski To Join 'Houston Chronicle' As SVP For Advertising
Google, Apple Defeat Users' Antitrust Claims Over Search Partnership
Most Top-Ranked Podcasts Have Appearances By Guests
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024
Getting Axed: Media Job Losses Rose 11% YoY In January
Amazon And UK Publisher Reach A Deal On First-Party Data: Report
Debra Rosenberg To Serve As Top Editor At Smithsonian
Iowa Weekly May Be Saved by Nelson Media Company
Jake Grovum Takes On An Expanded Role At 'The New York Times'
Google Must Fix Third-Party Cookie Competition Concerns Identified By UK CMA
Programmatic Ad Spend Estimated To Grow 16% In United States
Publishers Daily - Monday, Feb. 5, 2024
Digital Leeway: Category Will Soon Exceed Print For Lee Enterprises
Employees Sue 'The Messenger' For Wages And Benefits
Gannett And The USA Today Network Hook Up With The Big 10 Conference
Iowa County Loses A Long-Time Weekly Newspaper
Ontario's 'Argus Observer' Reduces Print Schedule
Meta Profits Skyrocket, Gives Back To Investors In First Dividend
Google Seeks To Reverse Epic's 'Unreasonable' Antitrust Victory
Publishers Daily - Friday, Feb. 2, 2024
Don't Kill 'The Messenger': News Site Goes Dark Less Than Year After Launch
Newsroom Workers Walk Off Job At Seven Alden Global Capital Properties
'Mother Jones' And The Center For Investigative Reporting Complete Their Merger
Vox Media Broadens Its 'Language, Please' DEI Program To Serve Advertisers
'Sports Illustrated' Pulls Story on Transgender Boxing
Senators Seek To Curb Big Techs' Legal Shield
Google AI Identifies Shifting Behavior To Increase Performance For Ads
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