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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
  • Google, China And Zappos: How Integrity Colors Our Online World

    Just under a year ago, Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, wrote a blog post describing how Twitter has made him a better (and … Read the whole story

  • Haiti On My Mind

    It's hard to watch the compelling and heart-wrenching images from Haiti, coming as we do from our particular professional perspective, without thinking about search … Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Bends To EU Pressure, Slashes Time It Retains IP Data

    In a concession to European privacy regulators, Microsoft said today it will slash the time it retains IP addresses tied to users' search queries … Read the whole story

  • Study: Google Ad Spending Increasing Even As Total Number Of Advertisers Decreases

    Despite a 5% decrease in active advertisers, spending on Google is up nearly 13% among the top 80 U.S. retailers, according to new research … Read the whole story

  • Google AdWords Users Twitition For Change

    A paid search marketer who relies on Google AdWords has initiated a petition on Twitter in an effort to bring back a pay-per click … Read the whole story

  • Predictive Modeling Performance Co. Inuvo Raises $4.2M

    Inuvo, a developer of predictive modeling for performance-based online advertising, said Tuesday that it has raised $4.2 million in an offering of shares. The … Read the whole story