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Friday, January 29, 2010
  • The Planet Of Right Here

    For anyone who remembers one of my early articles from last year, titled "Our Little Baby has Grown Up," this article's title should have … Read the whole story

  • Undecided About Bing, The Decision Engine

    OK, I admit it. Bing is starting to show some glimmering signs of promise. But I still have concerns -- big ones. The team … Read the whole story

  • Microsoft's Bing Anchors On Localeze Business Data

    Microsoft has become more aggressive in integrating data from other search engines that can offer expertise in a specific subject. Last year, Bing began … Read the whole story

  • Google Unleashes Click-To-Call Mobile Search Ads

    Google released a mobile feature Thursday that allows advertisers to add a clickable local phone number to mobile paid-search ads. The phone number appears … Read the whole story

  • NBCU: Olympic Research Lab Charts Consumer Behavior

    Following its initial single-source audience research effort during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, NBC Universal will start up another push for next month's 2010 Vancouver … Read the whole story

  • Google, YouTube Chinese Knockoffs Surface

    Google threatening to pull out of China appears to have sparked some cheap imitations in the Asian country. A Chinese imitation of the search … Read the whole story