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Thursday, February 11, 2010
  • Yahoo Ends Silence, Starts Mobile Blog

    Yahoo's been eerily quiet on the mobile front lately, especially in comparison with the moves made by Google and Apple in recent months, buying … Read the whole story

  • Decisiveness and Search: Two Different Strategies

    A new study out of Wesleyan University explores the actual cognitive mechanisms of decisiveness. This has direct implications for search marketers, because every time … Read the whole story

  • What Scott Hagedorn Learned From Google

    Today, Scott Hagedorn sifts through the sizzle and the steak. Scott is the U.S. CEO of PHD, a global media network under the Omnicom … Read the whole story

  • Confirmed: Google Acquires Social Search Engine Aardvark

    The Internet has become a cesspool of information without a funnel to siphon the garbage. It makes finding answers to questions that much more … Read the whole story

  • Wowd Enters Next Phase In Search To Uncork Ideas

    The real-time Web has been thought of as a dumping ground for all information, but some analysts believe this next phase of search will … Read the whole story

  • How Much Are Domain Names For Campaigns Worth?

    Marketing and advertising agencies looking to strengthen campaigns might pay just about any price for a solid domain name if it means building a … Read the whole story