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Friday, February 26, 2010
  • Social Networking In Matters Of Life And Death

    Early Friday morning, Poland-based Implix CEO and Founder Simon Grabowski signed on to the company's Facebook page to find a status update from Rachael, ... Read the whole story

  • Bringing Search Mechanics To Display

    The identification of consumers who are in-market for broad categories of goods has always been a mainstay of behavioral targeting. Still, marrying dynamically targeted ... Read the whole story

  • Google's Italian Legal Woes: Good For YouTube?

    Whatever the result of the legal proceedings against four Google employees in Italy, the trial will be a watershed moment for video search. For ... Read the whole story

  • Search And Decisiveness

    My last two columns explored decisiveness within a very defined scope: college students picking courses. I did that by analyzing an interesting study conducted ... Read the whole story

  • Click Forensics Delivers Platform To Validate Display Ad Traffic

    Click Forensics will open a program Friday to audit impressions in display ads. The program tests the ability to filter ads and identify invalid ... Read the whole story