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Friday, March 12, 2010
  • Tying In-Text Ads To Search And Branding Pays Dividends

    Searching on keywords or clicking on hyperlinked words has become the most prevalent way people navigate the Internet. Those little pop-up in-text ads with … Read the whole story

  • Should You Worry About Search Query Declines?

    ComScore just released its February U.S search engine rankings, which show a 4% decline in search query volume. Still, though query volume was down, … Read the whole story

  • The Spring Search Insider Summit: Where Is Search Going?

    In my last column, I talked about Steve Ballmer ruminating about the future of search. Steve isn't the only guy thinking about this. I … Read the whole story

  • RootOrange Debuts Domain-Splitting Location-Based Technology At SXSW

    RootOrange co-presidents Frank Langston and Camilo Acosta have developed a business model and a technology that lets small business owners across the country use … Read the whole story