Search & Performance Marketing Daily
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
  • Report: Google And Bing Add Market Share

    According to our report on enterprise search share performance, Google increased month-over-month to command an 80.17 % natural search traffic share to enterprise-level Web … Read the whole story

  • Your Search House And Your Social Garden

    Building a house is a gratifying activity. Assuming you're not pushing the boundaries of architecture and physics, the process is reasonably straightforward: you develop … Read the whole story

  • Researchers Identify New Malvertising Strain: 'JS:Prontexi' Infects Users Who Don't Even Click

    Antivirus and malware researchers say they have discovered a "widespread campaign" that is infecting the display ads served by leading online publishers and advertising … Read the whole story

  • Paid-Search Ads Cheap Tool To Test Campaign Message

    When U.S. Cellular needed a way to test the message for a print campaign, the carrier turned toward search. That's what Jill Balis, executive … Read the whole story