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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
  • YouTube Redesign Focuses On Search And Conversation

    YouTube began pushing out the site's redesign Wednesday after testing the format since January. The cleaner stripped-down version, which comes after a year of … Read the whole story

  • How Yahoo's Search Retargeting Platform Delivers Many Happy Returns

    Advertisers have finally begun to consider search retargeting as a way to increase accuracy when targeting ads. They're still not ecstatic about the increase … Read the whole story

  • Small Businesses Search For Leads With Website Video

    According to the latest quarterly report from WebVisible, the average small business advertiser spent $2,149 on search advertising in Q4 2009, an increase of … Read the whole story

  • SEMPO's State of Search Engine Marketing Report 2010

    The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) has released the results of its latest survey of more than 1,500 client-side and agency search marketers … Read the whole story

  • Privacy Rules Only Apply to New Products

    Let's face it: Facebook is a privacy disaster. From the Beacon disaster to Zuckerberg brazenly declaring that nobody wants privacy anymore (and that's why … Read the whole story

  • Owning Google Sitelinks Brand Terms Becomes Paid Search Tactic

    Google Sitelinks has become a strategy for companies looking to protect brand-related keywords against retailers or competitors attempting to outbid them for online traffic … Read the whole story

  • Rosetta Stone Argues Consumers Need Translation For Trademarked Keyword

    With Rosetta Stone's trademark infringement lawsuit against Google heading toward trial, the companies are barraging the court with legal papers about the key issue … Read the whole story