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Friday, April 30, 2010
  • Ohio Attorney General Sides Against Google In Antitrust Lawsuit

    A search marketer's antitrust lawsuit against Google in Ohio has caught the attention of the state's top law enforcement official, who this week filed ... Read the whole story

  • The Winning Ticket: The Trifecta Of Intention Marketing

    For me, the two minutes of thoroughbred racing on the first Saturday in May that is the Kentucky Derby is my favorite sports moment. ... Read the whole story

  • Rosetta Stone Loses Trademark Suit Against Google

    One year ago, a federal appeals court ruled that the computer repair shop Rescuecom could proceed with a lawsuit against Google for trademark infringement ... Read the whole story

  • Google And Microsoft: Signs of Hubris, Signs of Humility

    From my admittedly limited vantage point, I've noticed a subtle but significant shift in what's coming out of the respective campuses of Microsoft and ... Read the whole story

  • Kenshoo Adds Custom Widgets To Search

    Kenshoo plans to unveil an upgrade Thursday to Kenshoo Search Insight Dashboards. The new features add dynamic tabs and widgets that let marketers customize, ... Read the whole story