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Tuesday, May 18, 2010
  • Turning the Tables: Why Google Will Win and Facebook Will Lose

    "Hang on," you're saying to yourself right now, "Isn't this the same Kaila Colbin who, not three weeks ago, predicted Facebook would kick Google's … Read the whole story

  • Searching Pays Off More

    According to Internet Retailer's recent search engine marketing survey of 102 web-only retailers, chain retailers, catalogers and consumer brand manufacturers, 28.0% of merchants report … Read the whole story

  • Warning: Maddening Complexity Ahead!

    Once upon a time, search meant learning more about the world by typing a keyword into a search box and being presented with an … Read the whole story

  • YouTube Ad Options For Searches And Clicks At Five

    There are 24 hours worth of videos uploaded each minute onto YouTube and 45 million home page impressions every day. The site gets more … Read the whole story

  • Google Makes Bid For VoIP Co. Supporting Yahoo, AOL, Baidu

    Google said Tuesday it has made a $68 million offer to acquire Global IP Solutions Holding, an Internet voice and video company. The deal … Read the whole story

  • Women Seek Online Communities To Validate Purchases

    If a new study is to be believed, you should be building direct relationships through search, online and mobile Web sites with women who … Read the whole story