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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
  • Green:Search

    Since it is priced at pennies per click, it's hard to see why even the smallest consultancies would not buy even $50 per month … Read the whole story

  • The Google Privacy Plot Thickens

    If my last column -- titled "Could This Be Google's Privacy Moment?" -- confirmed anything, it was the basic assertion that Internet users are … Read the whole story

  • The Promise and Peril of Social Search

    Microsoft is rolling out some interesting new features for its Bing iPhone app, which have the potential to totally change the search experience for … Read the whole story

  • For Online Success, Make Me a Match

    "It's hard to overstate what Apple's done with the App Store," said a game developer friend last night. Another IT buddy at the same … Read the whole story

  • YouTube And RumbleFish Make 'Friendly Music' Together

    YouTube and music licensing store RumbleFish unveiled the launch of Friendly Music, an online store that lets people purchase copy-protected music tracks for use … Read the whole story

  • American Express Open Launches Paid-Search Platform

    American Express Open, the small business division for the financial services company, built an online advertising platform supported by tech company Clickable to help … Read the whole story

  • More-Eager Buyers Researching Products Online

    "Whereas last year they were in hold-back mode, now consumers are thinking about buying again," Evan Minskoff, vice president of marketing for The About … Read the whole story

  • Hollywood & Bing: Microsoft Enables Users To Sample TV, Movies, Music Via Search

    Microsoft rolled out a section related to entertainment on its Bing search engine Tuesday night that allows consumers to watch television shows, get movie … Read the whole story