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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
  • EU Could Ask Google, Bing To Hang On To Search Data Longer

    The watchdog group Privacy International will write to more than 200 European organizations this week -- urging to fight the adoption, or a portion, ... Read the whole story

  • Could Google Be The Itunes Of News?

    Let's face it: a fragmented paywall approach to content doesn't serve anyone. Our consumption habits are too dispersed and too immediate to justify paid ... Read the whole story

  • Publisher Sued For Reposting Article Based On His Own Research

    Copyright enforcement outfit Righthaven has filed some questionable lawsuits in the past, but really outdid itself in a case against Anthony Curtis, publisher of ... Read the whole story

  • My Big-Bang Change Theory

    Business is moving fast and furious -- which is great, but I keep hearing and reading about two general overarching themes that are going ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Search Not A Priority Now For The Social Site

    Speculation that Facebook will allow all Open Graph-enabled Web pages that serve up in searches when a member clicks on the "like" button surfaced ... Read the whole story

  • BlueGlass Searches For CEO, Finds Merger Stumbling Block

    BlueGlass Interactive will soon have a chief executive officer to lead the newly formed agency. The CEO could come from Zimba, which Yahoo bought ... Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Search For PRWeb Queries Serves Up Warning From McAfee Glitch

    Yahoo Search began displaying an unexpected "Warning: Dangerous Downloads" notice for PRWeb-related search queries earlier this week. The warning began serving up midday Monday, ... Read the whole story