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Monday, July 12, 2010
  • Managing Your Display Campaigns On A Product Level

    Until now, technology to manage display this way didn't exist; now it does and the marketers best positioned to take advantage of it are … Read the whole story

  • Search Engines As Entertainment Hubs?

    Bing recently added selectively curated content geared toward the entertainment sector, and while it might seem retro for a search engine to elevate human-selected … Read the whole story

  • Changing Attribution Models To Improve Search Optimization

    Many marketers and their agencies continue to track and optimize media based on last-click attribution. But changing consumer behavior demands that smart marketers shift … Read the whole story

  • In Search Of The Elusive IAd

    For an ad format that was supposed to revolutionize mobile advertising as thoroughly as the iPhone did itself, these damn iAds are a pain … Read the whole story

  • SEO: The Road To Strategy

    As the boundaries continue to dissolve between the virtual realities of our businesses and the brick-and-mortar reality, who we are online is who we … Read the whole story

  • Facebook Campaign Hits On PC Virus Woes

    PowerMark designed a new Facebook page for NortonLive that went live Friday, and a discount code feature will follow this week. The code enables … Read the whole story