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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
  • Oxytocin, Google, And Cuddly Pandas

    was sitting on my couch yesterday when a notice from Aardvark popped up on my laptop screen: "Are you there? I have a question … Read the whole story

  • Managing Your Display Campaigns On A Product Level

    Until now, technology to manage display this way didn't exist; now it does and the marketers best positioned to take advantage of it are … Read the whole story

  • Search Engines As Entertainment Hubs?

    Bing recently added selectively curated content geared toward the entertainment sector, and while it might seem retro for a search engine to elevate human-selected … Read the whole story

  • Report: Key Indicator Search Engine Ad Coverage Up

    During the second quarter of the year, the top three search engines saw healthy increases in first-page advertiser activity -- "indicative of an economy … Read the whole story

  • EF Report: Higher CPCs Signal Stronger Search Ad Market

    Companies in retail, travel and auto industries dug into budgets during the second quarter in 2010 to spend 24% more on paid-search ads overall, … Read the whole story