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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
  • Customers Getting Comfy With Targeting

    Companies have begun to add retargeting to their media ad budget because consumers are becoming more comfortable with targeted ads, says JB Rudelle, chief ... Read the whole story

  • Why Google Me

    The world may not need another social network. But Google does. Google needs a place where people can easily congregate and communicate. A place ... Read the whole story

  • Oxytocin, Google, And Cuddly Pandas

    was sitting on my couch yesterday when a notice from Aardvark popped up on my laptop screen: "Are you there? I have a question ... Read the whole story

  • Report: Key Indicator Search Engine Ad Coverage Up

    During the second quarter of the year, the top three search engines saw healthy increases in first-page advertiser activity -- "indicative of an economy ... Read the whole story

  • Sorting Through Q2 2010 Paid-Search Data

    A flurry of paid-search reports released Tuesday may have marketers' heads spinning, but each provides insights into specific parts of the process. Marketers that ... Read the whole story

  • EF Report: Higher CPCs Signal Stronger Search Ad Market

    Companies in retail, travel and auto industries dug into budgets during the second quarter in 2010 to spend 24% more on paid-search ads overall, ... Read the whole story