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Thursday, July 15, 2010
  • Google Search Still Bringing In The Bucks

    Google reported revenue gains Thursday, along with deals that helped them get there. During the quarter, Omnicom Media Group made a commitment to Google ... Read the whole story

  • Who Needs the Real World?

    Yes, the Hotchkisses are planning another vacation. We're heading over to the U.K,. where we'll be spending a few weeks in a speck of ... Read the whole story

  • Customers Getting Comfy With Targeting

    Companies have begun to add retargeting to their media ad budget because consumers are becoming more comfortable with targeted ads, says JB Rudelle, chief ... Read the whole story

  • Why Google Me

    The world may not need another social network. But Google does. Google needs a place where people can easily congregate and communicate. A place ... Read the whole story

  • Sorting Through Q2 2010 Paid-Search Data

    A flurry of paid-search reports released Tuesday may have marketers' heads spinning, but each provides insights into specific parts of the process. Marketers that ... Read the whole story

  • Yahoo, Bing Provide Update To Search Alliance

    Yahoo sent a letter to advertisers Thursday to confirm Microsoft Bing will begin to power organic search results for the United States and Canada ... Read the whole story