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Thursday, July 15, 2010
  • Google Search Still Bringing In The Bucks

    Google reported revenue gains Thursday, along with deals that helped them get there. During the quarter, Omnicom Media Group made a commitment to Google … Read the whole story

  • Who Needs the Real World?

    Yes, the Hotchkisses are planning another vacation. We're heading over to the U.K,. where we'll be spending a few weeks in a speck of … Read the whole story

  • Customers Getting Comfy With Targeting

    Companies have begun to add retargeting to their media ad budget because consumers are becoming more comfortable with targeted ads, says JB Rudelle, chief … Read the whole story

  • Why Google Me

    The world may not need another social network. But Google does. Google needs a place where people can easily congregate and communicate. A place … Read the whole story

  • Sorting Through Q2 2010 Paid-Search Data

    A flurry of paid-search reports released Tuesday may have marketers' heads spinning, but each provides insights into specific parts of the process. Marketers that … Read the whole story

  • Yahoo, Bing Provide Update To Search Alliance

    Yahoo sent a letter to advertisers Thursday to confirm Microsoft Bing will begin to power organic search results for the United States and Canada … Read the whole story