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Monday, September 20, 2010
  • Reprise Surprise: Interpublic Taps Breen To Take Digital Shop Global, Expand Offering

    Four years after acquiring search and social media specialty shop Reprise Media, Interpublic is executing a plan to transform it into a major global ... Read the whole story

  • Yahoo's Ambitious Plan To Change Search

    Yahoo previewed features and functions Thursday scheduled for release this fall across its network of sites. During a product demonstration at its headquarters, the ... Read the whole story

  • SearchNet

    2010 was the year SearchNet went online ... OK, Terminator jokes aside, the more I think about what is going on, not just within ... Read the whole story

  • Are You Asking The Right Search Marketing Questions?

    Often, clients have questions about strategy and execution, but they are questions that serve their day-to-day needs. Because clients are so frequently heads down, ... Read the whole story

  • Will Canada Get Some Google Respect?

    Just in case our friends to the south haven't driven it home to us repeatedly, Canada is inconsequential. We're a rounding error in revenue ... Read the whole story

  • TRA Enlarges Research, Linking Viewership To Purchasing

    TRA, the research company that seeks to offer insight into how specific ad viewing leads to purchasing, will expand its measurement initiatives beyond the ... Read the whole story

  • What Advertisers Don't See In Data Can Hurt Ad Campaigns

    Marketers who don't understand the importance of advertising data and the mounds that online ads and social signals collect might as well hang up ... Read the whole story