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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
  • In Search Of The Extra-Ordinary

    I love that word, "extraordinary." My father used to say it in tones of awe and wonder, dragging out the second syllable and bathing ... Read the whole story

  • Are We Happier On Facebook Than While Searching?

    I have recently written about how an increasing amount of early funnel search activity is moving outside the main engines to social communities, most ... Read the whole story

  • eBay's ProStores Gives Small Merchants Paid-Search Option

    Retailers without an online presence and marketing strategy this holiday season run the risk of losing millions in sales. ProStores introduced Tuesday a search ... Read the whole story

  • Magnetic And Tumri Expand Dynamic Retargeting Tools Across Web

    Search engine marketing has long offered methods to target consumers with high-converting paid-search ads based on consumer intent, but Magnetic and Tumri created a ... Read the whole story

  • CRE Launches New Research Initiative For Emerging Media

    Niels as issued an RFP from a research firm to provide an overview on everything from 3D viewership to how people consume video on ... Read the whole story