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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
  • +1: Google Turns Search Into Social Platform

    Google turned the search engine into a social platform Wednesday, unveiling the long-anticipated feature +1 (pronounced Plus One). Social signals pulled from profiles and ... Read the whole story

  • Conference: Focus On Content Creation

    Social's impact on SEO is huge, and is now concrete in its ties to SEO, with the adoption of social signals in Bing and ... Read the whole story

  • Which Blog Platform Is Best For SEO?

    Corporate blogging is a necessity in Google's post-Caffeine world. Let's face it: Blogs tend to get a little more Google love. I once did ... Read the whole story

  • Google Targets Ads To Gmail Signals

    Google is working to more accurately target ads to email content in Gmail. The move goes beyond matching keywords in the email and the ... Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Advertising Exchange Moves Real-Time Bidding Globally

    Microsoft officially retired AdECN and switched to the AppNexus platform for real-time bidding. This readies a move to take RTB in the display Advertising ... Read the whole story