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Monday, September 26, 2011
  • Google Wallet's Long-Term Strategy For Advertisers

    Google has begun to extend its advertising business offline. Wallet sits at the cornerstone of this long-term strategy to close the loop between offline ... Read the whole story

  • Marin Launches Tool To Improve Display Campaigns, Search

    Marin is rolling out a recommendation engine designed to identify tips for improving paid search, social media and display campaigns. The tool -- Marin ... Read the whole story

  • Innerscope Expands Scope, Gets Funds To Scale New Neuro Research Platform

    Days after it became known that one top neuroscience-based marketing researcher was on the block, another announced a multi-million dollar round of funding that ... Read the whole story

  • The Parallel Internets

    Lou Kerner of Wedbush Securities, who covers the social Web space, is fond of referring to Facebook as the second Internet. He calls it ... Read the whole story

  • The Consequences Of Bing's Adaptive Search

    Word came through the wire last week that Bing will be introducing a new tweak to its results ranking algorithm called "adaptive search." Over ... Read the whole story

  • The Psychology of Couponing: Where Ajillitee Went Wrong

    Is a Groupon model the next big thing for B2B? Apparently not. Or, at least, not now, based on an early trial by a ... Read the whole story