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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
  • Brands Lose Millions To 'Ad Collision'

    An analysis of billions of ad impressions reveals that 5% to 7% of ads from the same campaign serve up on one Web page ... Read the whole story

  • Walking The (Thin) Line Between SEO And Web Spam

    Rank Modifying Spammers is an interesting exploration of Google's search algorithm and the possible direction the company may take in its fight against Web ... Read the whole story

  • 'NYT' Relaunches Online Video

    "The New York Times" has relaunched its online video platform at, with a new design, larger player and improved navigation. The revamped platform ... Read the whole story

  • The Future of Media Will Steamroll You If You're Not Prepared

    The future of media will shadow the future of digital.  Where digital marketing goes consumers and marketers will surely follow.  It will be those ... Read the whole story

  • Magazine Mobile Codes Up 107%, Now On 10% Of Ads

    Print needs digital. Magazines and their advertisers are rushing faster than ever to leverage mobile 2D code technologies to amplify and enhance the page. ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook's 'Page Post Targeting Enhanced'

    In what some inside marketers have called "a defining moment in social media marketing history," Facebook is now exposing important elements of an individual's ... Read the whole story

  • What Email Marketers Can Learn From Well-Managed Social Media Content

    Last week, Mike May wrote a great post posing an important question: does a brand's social media content make good email marketing content? Put ... Read the whole story