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Friday, August 31, 2012
  • Twitter Identifies Interests To Target Ads

    Twitter introduced interest-based ad targeting for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts campaigns on Thursday, capitalizing on similarities between like-minded groups of followers and their ... Read the whole story

  • A Meditation On Guitars, DVD Players, And Multi-Use Devices

    This isn't so much a column, I suppose, as it is a meditation. It's the kind of column -- er, meditation ---that I write ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Must Improve Site Search To Stay Competitive

    Advertising industry insiders and analysts anticipate that on-site search will become one of the next services Facebook rolls out. With search ads now part ... Read the whole story

  • Quick, What's The Largest Digital Social Media Platform In The World?

    What's that you say, "Facebook?" Not even close. "YouTube," closer, but still off by a mile. The largest digital social media platform in the ... Read the whole story

  • Google TV Ads Shuttered

    After five years, Google is shuttering its auction-based TV ad sales system and "doubling down" on the growing online video space. Google pitched TV ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Forecast Dips To $5 Billion

    Amid persistent marketer concerns -- and a clumsy public debut -- eMarketer is lowering its revenue expectations to just over $5 billion. The researcher ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Users Lack Loyalty

    Mobile phone users are likely to become vocal and active detractors if they have a negative customer experience, according to a global study by ... Read the whole story