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Monday, October 29, 2012
  • Ask: Arbitrage Doesn't Exist In The Growth Strategy

    Google's policies on Arbitrage ruffled a few feathers in Oakland, Calif. after CEO Doug Leeds said rumors began spreading across the Internet that … Read the whole story

  • Vevo Launches Ad Exchange, Enhances Brand Marketing

    Vevo, the latest Web publisher to break into real-time bidding, just debuted a private ad exchange. With the new platform, the popular online music … Read the whole story

  • Facebook Faces Desktop 'Problem'

    Facebook eased concerns about its ability to make money in mobile when it reported third-quarter earnings showing mobile ad revenue had jumped to $150 … Read the whole story

  • Cybersitter Wins Initial Skirmish In Lawsuit Against Google

    The software company Cybersitter has scored a preliminary victory in a lawsuit against Google for allegedly infringing trademark on AdWords. Read the whole story

  • Why Building The Video Version of Wikipedia Is Possible, But Difficult

    I occasionally describe my company as the Wikipedia of video, but for-profit. So I couldn't help but notice a recent study suggesting: "it may … Read the whole story