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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
  • SEO Firm Conductor Secures $20 Million From VCs

    Most brands invest in search engine optimization and venture capital investors have begun to look at the strategy a little more closely. Conductor, a ... Read the whole story

  • Google Debuts New Nexus Tablets, Smartphone

    Upping the ante in the tablet wars, Google on Monday introduced its first 10-inch tablet as well as updated versions of its 7-inch Nexus ... Read the whole story

  • Fake Social Profile Info Impedes Ad Targeting

    The BBC reports Andy Smith, an Internet security chief at the Cabinet Office, said people should only give accurate details to trusted sites, such ... Read the whole story

  • What The (Not Provided) Can SEOs Do About Google Keyword (Not Provided)?

    In my column last week, I explored what impact Google's controversial preclusion of some search keyword queries has had on our industry. I also ... Read the whole story

  • Consumers As Brand Marketers

    Given the new world of co-creation branding where consumers set the rules and marketers need to facilitate rather than dictate brand culture, marketers should ... Read the whole story