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Monday, February 18, 2013
  • Google Surprises App Purchasers By Sharing Data With Developers

    If nothing else, a privacy dust-up this week about Google Play shows that companies should never take it for granted that people will just … Read the whole story

  • New Mobile Multitasking Defined As 'Distraction Behavior'

    Kelly Jones, senior research manager at Microsoft Advertising, said Microsoft has broken down consumer mobile usage into two distinct patterns. Read the whole story

  • Slow Economic Growth WIll Pressure Advertisers To Maximize ROI

    The world's richer economies, including the U.S. and the UK, can expect a decade or more of low growth. In the U.S., economic growth … Read the whole story

  • Paid Search, Social: Don't Bury The Message

    A few tweaks in the headline of an ad can make a difference in conversions for Facebook, paid search, and any ad where limited character counts … Read the whole story

  • How Branded Content Continues To Change

    The ways that people consume and share digital content are dramatically different than a few years ago. This shift and the rapid adoption of … Read the whole story