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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
  • Lotame Integrates Tech To Stop Consumer Data Theft

    In an attempt to stop data theft, Lotame has designed a feature in Crowd Control, its data management platform, to protect against unauthorized third-party … Read the whole story

  • ReachLocal Debuts Products To Bolster Online Commerce

    Attempting to build on a lead-generation business nine years in the making, ReachLocal will roll out three products this year supporting local online commerce, … Read the whole story

  • Airlines Have Room To Improve Online

    Airlines can improve their conversion from clicks by as much as 25% by better matching landing pages to different types of trip profiles, according … Read the whole story

  • Building Mindshare In Facebook Graph Search

    Jon Schepke tells us how brands and local marketers with multiple locations can capitalize on Facebook Graph Search. He takes us through tips on … Read the whole story

  • Making Social Matter

    Broadcast networks and programs cannot simply put out one-way programming anymore and expect success. Programming has become one element of an aligned, multichannel, multiplatform … Read the whole story

  • How Broken Is Your Attribution Model?

    Indeed, fellow search geeks, it's not a matter of if your attribution model is broken, but how badly it's broken. There simply is no … Read the whole story

  • IAB Adds 5 New Ad Units, Interactivity Highlighted

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau has unveiled five new ad units, which it believes have the potential to accelerate interactive video ad buys, while expanding … Read the whole story