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Friday, March 22, 2013
  • Rethinking Your Paid-Search Presence

    Being successful at paid search starts with a solid strategy. Leverage your paid-search insights across all of your marketing efforts and rethink your overall ... Read the whole story

  • Search Engine Marketing Prepares For A Makeover

    Search engine marketing needs a makeover, and some industry experts believe alternative engines will play a major role in connecting with consumers outside of ... Read the whole story


    Asynchronous JavaScript, or AJAX, continues to become more popular with Web developers that want to create a more dynamic Web page -- but exchanging ... Read the whole story

  • AP Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Clipping Service

    A federal judge has ruled that the paid clipping service Meltwater infringed copyright by sending clients excerpts of stories from The Associated Press, and ... Read the whole story

  • Avoiding Paid-Search Testing Mistakes

    Avoiding paid-search test mistakes becomes challenging as more campaigns are run by marketers. Sam Owen takes us through a few examples on things to ... Read the whole story

  • Optimizing For The Last Impression

    Every business has last impressions with customers. Thinking about the company's self-interests rather than the customer's in this critical moment can prove costly. Instead, ... Read the whole story

  • Native Video Ads Outperform Pre-Roll Ads

    Continuing to push the promise of scalable "native" advertising, Sharethrough just released some data, which -- surprise, surprise -- reflects well on the model ... Read the whole story