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Monday, June 17, 2013
  • Yahoo Launches Lead Gen Biz

    Yahoo Small Business on Monday will launch Yahoo Localworks to help companies generate leads and become more visible through search query results, directories and ... Read the whole story

  • Good vs. Bad Organic Traffic

    Mark Jackson tells us about an unnamed client that wants to increase what he calls "'good' organic search traffic" without focusing on "'head' keywords." ... Read the whole story

  • BrightRoll, Google Battle For Video Ad Supremacy

    The video ad marketplace continues to resemble the story of David and Goliath, with BrightRoll and Google battling it out for the most impressions ... Read the whole story

  • Search Marketing Campaigns Change With TIme

    Test and measure campaigns frequently. What didn't work a year ago may work today. Ashley Hanania provides three barriers to test planning: the legacy ... Read the whole story

  • Apple Revamps iOS 7, App Changes Benefit Marketers

    What Apple CEO Tim Cook called the biggest overhaul of iOS since the iPhone's launch, a revamped mobile platform, also included other updates that ... Read the whole story

  • Americans Knew their Privacy Was Shot Even Before the NSA News

    Americans appear to be of two minds about the use of their data by institutions both public and private. But a generational divide over ... Read the whole story

  • Fandango Adds To Video Lineup

    Fandango has launched a new series called "Summer of Action" previewing new blockbuster releases during the peak moviegoing season. Read the whole story

  • Let's Get Engaged! A Digital Story About Digital Storytelling

    What does it mean to engage socially in 2013 (and beyond)? This was the question a range of panelists -- including startup savants, tech ... Read the whole story

  • Schick Hydro, Three Guys, And New Zealand

    The series also reprises last year's program in which the guys were in Hawaii skydiving, mountain biking and surfing the big waves. Fuel says ... Read the whole story