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Friday, June 21, 2013
  • Google Heightens Focus On Attribution Metrics For Marketers

    Google made Full Credit Measurement Attribution generally available Thursday to Google Analytics users, along with a handful of measurement tools, giving marketers more access ... Read the whole story

  • I Miss The Old Purchase Funnel

    Influence produced by trust points is the 3-point shot of marketing. Today, third-party credibility is the accelerator -- not impressions, reach, frequency, or any ... Read the whole story

  • Brands Must Push Real-Time Ads To Stay Relevant

    Marketers that want to take advantage of real-time opportunities need to have a comprehensive plan in place to quickly "amplify" a message, according to ... Read the whole story

  • Another Path To Conversion

    Marketers can justify budgets and campaigns without using a last-click attribution model. Scroll down about one-third of the way through the post to read ... Read the whole story

  • DAA Bashes New Cookie-Blocking Initiative

    The ad trade group Digital Advertising Alliance is criticizing Mozilla for inching forward with a plan to block third-party cookies. DAA General Counsel Stuart ... Read the whole story

  • Google's Project Loon: Internet For Everyone

    Last week, in Christchurch, New Zealand, Google launched a world-changing initiative: Project Loon, balloon-powered Internet for everyone. "Sometimes," the cute kid narrating the launch ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Adds 15-Second Videos For Instagram, Brands Sign On

    Taking another page from Twitter, Facebook on Thursday unveiled a short-form video service that will compete directly with its rival's explosively growing Vine app. ... Read the whole story

  • Debunking 4 Local Advertising Myths

    The challenge is how do brands take advantage of deploying the right tools to reach and engage local consumers. Not everyone gets it right. ... Read the whole story

  • Eggland's Searches For 'CEO' (Chief Egg Officer)

    The largest egg brand in the U.S. is searching for a "CEO" -- but there's no corporate shakeup involved. In this case, CEO stands ... Read the whole story

  • Real-Time Marketing Takes Commitment

    At the MediaPost Brand Marketers Summit, Milwaukee Brewers marketer Caitlin Moyer said that once a brand starts to respond to social media conversation and ... Read the whole story