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Monday, December 23, 2013
  • Online Revs Hit $10 Billion For Q3

    U.S. Internet advertising revenue rose 15% to $10.69 billion in Q3 2013 compared with the year-ago quarter, per the Interactive Advertising Bureau. During the ... Read the whole story

  • Clorox, Tide Clean Up In Home Care Brand Rankings

    A new study suggests that brands in the $24 billion-a-year industry could be doing a lot more to market in the digital realm. Half ... Read the whole story

  • Google And The Laws Of Robotics

    Long ago, science fiction author Isaac Asimov wrote of three rules, or laws about what robots can or cannot do. Google's latest investments away ... Read the whole story

  • Rights Group Urges Google To Release App-Privacy Tool

    Last week, Google briefly released a feature that allows app users to exert more control over the data collected by apps. The digital rights ... Read the whole story

  • Glam Fosters More Partnerships For Brands Via Apps

    Glam Media has quietly opened its editions platform inside the Foodie Recipes app to brands and publishers. While Godiva and Contadina are the first ... Read the whole story

  • Your 2014 Online Marketing Plan

    Hope you all are having a wonderful giving season. This being the busiest time of year for nonprofits, I'm guessing that your 2014 marketing ... Read the whole story

  • Do I Have to Hate Pre-Roll? Can't I Just Ignore It?

    The Internet seems to make all of us feel compelled to form points of view about subjects that really aren't worth getting riled over. ... Read the whole story

  • Data Security Trumps Privacy And Tracking Among Consumer Concerns

    Consumers naturally show more concern about identity theft than online privacy, But more to the point, users see themselves now more actively engaged in ... Read the whole story