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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
  • eBay Reinvents Search: Launches Promoted Listings, Cost-Per-Sale Model

    eBay has reinvented its advertising business through the launch Tuesday of a promoted listing service. Alex Linde, VP of advertising monetization, told "Search Marketing … Read the whole story

  • Bing Builds Massive App-Linking Index

    Bing is building a massive Index of apps and actions for Windows 10, Android and iOS. Microsoft recently laid out the framework, urging app … Read the whole story

  • Israeli Startup Develops Foolproof Ad Addressability, Uses Your Actual Address

    A potentially disruptive new technology developed by an Israeli start-up takes the concept of addressability to a new extreme: It detects your actual address … Read the whole story

  • The Role Of Mobile In The Omnichannel Purchase Journey

    Vast amounts of data can quickly and cost-effectively be processed opens the door for more relevant and personalized advertising. The challenge for marketers is … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Revenue Forecast: Commerce, $600 Billion; Advertising, $85 billion

    While mobile continues to grow across the board, mobile commerce is by far the prime engine of growth. More than half of the $41 … Read the whole story

  • Targeting The Mobilized Fan

    Sports fans have always been on the leading edge of mobile use. Targeting them effectively requires a deeper understanding of just how diverse and … Read the whole story