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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
  • No More Keywords -- No More Text Ads, Either?

    A few weeks ago, Google hosted its annual AdWords live stream to announce the latest batch of additions to its ecosystem. In keeping with ... Read the whole story

  • Bing Images Adds 'How Old' Feature

    Microsoft has added a facial recognition feature to its Bing search image engine. The technology attempts to determine the gender and the age of ... Read the whole story

  • Financial Sector To Up Digital Budgets To $10 Billion Annually By 2019

    It's not a surprise that many brands are shifting their marketing budgets away from traditional media and toward digital media but the financial segment ... Read the whole story

  • Marin Optimization Tool Answers 'How Much Do I Bid?' Per Search Campaigns

    Optimizing budgets remains a thorn in the side of marketers. Some struggle with understanding the best path to the highest return on investment, although ... Read the whole story

  • How Bots Really Impact CTR

    In a recent column, we discussed the impact of bots on CPMs. But where bots really become problematic is in their impact on CTRs. ... Read the whole story

  • Data-Driven Spending Grows Despite Tempered Expectations

    Marketers continue to invest more and more in Big Data. Over one-third of marketers (37.5%) increased their expenditures on data-driven campaigns during the first ... Read the whole story

  • Why Native Advertising Is Superior To Previous Advertorials

    Most of the criticism against native advertising arises from a superficial knowledge and partly contemptible consideration. What has always been a part of the ... Read the whole story