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Friday, June 5, 2015
  • Bing Gained Twice The Speed In Test Using Altera Semiconductor Chips

    Search engines need hyper-fast processing speeds to serve ads and return queries in a fraction of a second, especially for many of the services … Read the whole story

  • Yandex.Radio To Serve Ad-Supported Moods

    Russian search engine Yandex jumped into the music fray earlier this week, launching Yandex.Radio, an ad-supported streaming music service that offers about 100 stations … Read the whole story

  • Securing Media Data Will Become Bargaining Chip

    On Friday, Google and Amazon made known that they have begun to offer services to store DNA data in the cloud, as universities and … Read the whole story

  • Action, Not Words - Google Needs To Stop Embarrassing Itself In Europe

    Time for talk is done. Google needs action. A bizarre apology that a company that clams to be European didn't understand how to do … Read the whole story

  • Why Ad Blockers Have Mobile In The Sights

    Advertisers have put more effort into attacking ad-blocking technology than addressing the curse of poor-quality ads that trick users to click on them. Hence, … Read the whole story