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Thursday, June 11, 2015
  • Google To Create Urban Utopia In Startup Sidewalk Labs

    Google will start and fund an independent company dedicated to creating new technologies aimed at improving urban life. The start-up, Sidewalk Labs, will provide … Read the whole story

  • Digg Founder Kevin Rose Merges Watchville With Hodinkee

    Content never falls far from the tree. Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, a search site with a link-sharing message board with ties to … Read the whole story

  • What If Brands Could Serve Ads From A Personal Computer?

    A research paper that recently resurfaced, penned by Saikat Guha, senior scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies and a partner at Microsoft Research, investigates the … Read the whole story

  • Apple To Enable Mobile Ad Blocking

    Apple is about to throw a monkey wrench into mobile advertising with its new iOS 9 operating system, which includes an ad blocking feature … Read the whole story