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Friday, June 12, 2015
  • Angie's List, Discover, Target, Wyndham Prepare For A Wearable Search World

    Jeff Carl, ecommerce marketing manager at Angie's List, accidentally invented a Google Glass lookalike in seventh grade, but didn't patent the design. He wanted … Read the whole story

  • YouTube Gaming Takes On Amazon Twitch

    Google will take on Amazon Twitch with a live streaming gaming site of its own. YouTube Gaming launches this summer in the United States … Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Creates SVP Role Focusing On Consumer Marketing

    Yahoo has created a new role to focus on consumer marketing, appointing Debra Berman to senior vice president. In her new role, it's all … Read the whole story

  • European Officials Tell Google To Censor Search Results Worldwide

    In the latest development of the ongoing battle between Google and the EU, regulators are now pressing the company to broaden the so-called "right … Read the whole story