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Monday, October 26, 2015
  • Google's Vision Of The Connected Home

    A new campaign, "Magic Of Home," showcases the smart technologies being developed and marketed by Google subsidiary Nest. BBH New York helped develop the ... Read the whole story

  • Bot Fraud Seizes One-Third Of Publisher Revenues

    Online publishing is growing fast, and fraudulent advertising schemes are growing right along with it. Distil estimates that roughly one-third of all online ad ... Read the whole story

  • Court Revives Suit Against Yahoo For Sending Unwanted Texts

    A federal appeals court on Friday revived a Philadelphia resident's text-spam lawsuit against Yahoo, which accuses the company of sending him more than 27,000 ... Read the whole story

  • Audiences, Advertising And Mobile Video-Looking Back To See Ahead

    The number of video-based delivery channels, specifically in the mobile space, is growing exponentially. Marketers are realizing that it isn't enough to simply show ... Read the whole story

  • Yahoo, For One, Is Pumped For NFL's First Streamed-Only Game

    Yahoo this Sunday becomes the historic live streaming home of the NFL for one game. No one will fault you for missing it. Read the whole story

  • IoT Forecast: 4% Drop in New Projects, Then 12% Rise

    There may be what appears to be a slight pause coming in the growth of Internet of Things projects, with the big growth happening ... Read the whole story