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Tuesday, December 22, 2015
  • Yahoo AMPs Up The Mobile Web

    Yahoo now supports sites using accelerated mobile project (AMP), Twitter integration, and image search updates. One analyst calls this a clear stab at luring ... Read the whole story

  • Why I'm (Cautiously) Optimistic About 2016

    It's easy to believe the world is a stupid, cold and cruel place. We've been told as much by our leaders. On many days ... Read the whole story

  • Google, Ford Reportedly Will Announce Joint Venture In January

    With permit in hand to begin testing fully autonomous self-driving Fusion Hybrid models on California's public roads, Ford reportedly will make an announcement of ... Read the whole story

  • Fitness Trackers Vs. Smartwatches: King Of The Wearables

    The consumer-related gadgetry of The Internet of Things continues to tilt toward the practical. In yet another study looking at what smart objects consumers ... Read the whole story

  • AOL Launches Alto Mail To Manage Multiple Email Platforms

    AOL has created a mobile app it calls Alto Mail to manage emails on devices running the operating system iOS or Android. Similar to ... Read the whole story

  • Privacy Group Wants New Cross-Device Tracking Regulations

    Electronic Privacy Information Center is calling on the FTC to require ad companies to obtain explicit consent from consumers before tracking them across more ... Read the whole story