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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
  • Google Turns On Incognito Mode In iOS Search App

    In a turn of events intended to protect consumers by allowing them to keep searches private, Google has added an "incognito" mode in its ... Read the whole story

  • EY's Bass Advises Industry To Embrace New Standard, Metrics, Technology

    A lack of standards, and less reliance upon them, could stifle advancements in advertising as the industry undergoes a huge transformation in the next ... Read the whole story

  • Google Launches YouTube Go App

    The new YouTube app features a simpler interface and is designed to be offline first -- and to work even when there's little to ... Read the whole story

  • Programmatic: Data, Consolidation, Direct Deals Are Trends

    Industry consolidation, the importance of data, ongoing tech and platform integrations, programmatic direct deals, and native advertising were highlighted as trends during a Wednesday ... Read the whole story

  • Connecting With VR/AR At Advertising Week

    The Internet of Things involves connecting countless devices of varying type and degrees Available C, ultimately leading to a new marketing environment with consumers ... Read the whole story

  • Big Media Embrace Programmatic @TrustX

    The announcement that 27 big media brands will work with a cooperative digital advertising marketplace named TrustX should not be a surprise. We think ... Read the whole story

  • Abandoned Shopping Carts Are Email Marketing's Greatest Opportunity

    Abandoned shopping cart retargeting emails are the most successful automated messages that a marketer can program in, but make sure they stick to what ... Read the whole story