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Thursday, April 20, 2017
  • Google Reportedly Prepping Ad Blocker

    The ad-blocking feature could switch on by default and filter out ads that Google algorithms deem a bad experience for users, based on a ... Read the whole story

  • Marketers Losing Millions From Slow-Loading Web Site Pages

    Most marketers know that the more slowly a Web site page loads in a browser, the more it can hurt the company's bottom line, ... Read the whole story

  • Google Home Solves Major Flaw For Advertisers

    Google on Thursday said it will provide the ability for up to six people to connect their accounts and distinguish each voice from the ... Read the whole story

  • Q1 Media Spend Ticks Up, Digital 6% Higher

    National TV witnessed only a 0.9% hike. Broadcast networks were up 2.4%, while cable networks sank 0.7%. Digital media was up just 6% in ... Read the whole story

  • Consumers Trust Apple, Amazon Over Google, Microsoft For Voice Payments

    Voice assistants are gaining consumer trust for making payments. While most consumers have yet to make a payment by voice, such as through Amazon ... Read the whole story