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Thursday, August 24, 2017
  • Search Marketers Not Ready For Mobile-First Indexing

    About 57% of search traffic now comes from mobile devices -- mostly smartphones and tablets -- as consumers look for quick answers and an … Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Takes AI Real-Time

    The semiconductor chip can process about 39.5 teraflops in machine-learning tasks within less than 1 millisecond of latency, eventually improving the ability to capture … Read the whole story

  • Zuck Says Facebook Won't Take A Cut Of Subs

    After enduring a rather bumpy relationship over the last few years, Facebook is extending an olive branch to publishers - a new system for … Read the whole story

  • An Email Named Desire: Millennials Want Personalized Retail Messages

    Who knew? Half of Millennials like to shop in-store. And they welcome personalized emails. Read the whole story

  • Prepare Today For AI Tomorrow

    "Be prepared" is more than just the Boy Scout's solemn creed, or a fun-but-obscure song by Tom Lehrer, the great singer-songwriter-satirist and retired Harvard … Read the whole story