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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
  • Google Real-Time Triggers Close Gap Between Digital And TV Advertising

    Just in time for the Super Bowl, Google's real-time trigger, available in DoubleClick Bid Manager, allows advertisers to activate display and video campaigns in ... Read the whole story

  • Google To Serve More Than One 'Featured Snippet' Per Question In Search

    Looking to provide an unbiased view in search results, Google will increase the number of featured snippets served per search queries to provide diverse ... Read the whole story

  • Bing Ads Introduces Fix To Help Marketers Track Conversions On Safari

    Helping marketers to track conversions, Bing on Wednesday introduced a way to track ad clicks from Safari after Apple changed the process for tracking ... Read the whole story

  • Sprout Social Supports Posting Single-Image Instagram Posts

    Sprout Social will support Instagram's new scheduling feature, which allows brands and their agency partners to share single-image Instagram posts directly on their feeds. Read the whole story

  • Amazon's Alexa Can Now Send SMS Messages To Phones

    Voice devices in the home continue to evolve and expand with new capabilities being added continually. Now Amazon has enabled its Alexa digital voice ... Read the whole story