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Friday, August 24, 2018
  • Brands Still Allowing Ads To Serve On Unsafe Sites

    Four in 10 brands allow ads to serve on unsafe websites, and 64% find it challenging to implement an effective brand safety platform -- ... Read the whole story

  • Amazon's Army Of Human Bots Use Twitter To Defend Work Ethics

    Amazon's warehouse FC Ambassadors tweet back at criticism of working conditions at the marketplace. Read the whole story

  • Frito-Lay Promo Combines On-Pack Personal Notes, Alexa Skill, Sweeps

    The idea: Get parents to use the brand's new Alexa skill to generate notes for their kids, then transition them to buying F-L snacks ... Read the whole story

  • Nordstrom's Evan Barocas On Targeting The Post-Channel Customer

    Consumers don’t think in channels. They just know how they want to shop. Nordstrom has re-engineered both its in-house programmatic buying and creative teams ... Read the whole story

  • Google Assistant Delivers "Good News" To Users

    The stories are meant to highlight events that have an actual impact for good on society, rather than feel-good stories about "unlikely animal friendships ... Read the whole story