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Friday, September 28, 2018
  • Google Chief Privacy Officer Admits Chinese Search Engine Project Exists

    On Wednesday Google publicly confirmed for the first time that Project Dragonfly exists. One Chinese search engine CEO offers to help maneuver regulatory concerns … Read the whole story

  • Affiliate New Customer Revenue Rose 45% In Q2 2018

    A recent performance marketing study shows growth through the year, but estimates put results much higher as the industry heads into the holiday season. Read the whole story

  • Gmail Smart Compose Rolled Out

    A new Gmail feature writes entire messages for users. It is now available to G Suite and enterprise users. Read the whole story

  • Facebook Strikes Back Against DOJ Over Illegal Housing Ads

    Facebook says it isn't liable for discrimination when landlords and brokers use its ad-targeting tool to prevent housing ads from being shown to women, … Read the whole story

  • Tech Companies Urge Senate To Override California Privacy Law

    California's new privacy law has accomplished what previously seemed unthinkable: It spurred tech companies and the ad industry to call for federal privacy legislation. Read the whole story

  • Smart Speakers Moving Toward 50% Market Penetration

    The smart thermostat is the best-selling smart home category, while 28% of households already own a smart speaker with a voice assistant. Read the whole story