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Thursday, April 25, 2019
  • Amazon Could Ramp Up Private-Label And Ad Business To Offset Slowing Growth, Studies Show

    Americans spent more than $146 billion on private-label products in 2018. But Amazon's private-label business represents less than 1% of its total sales. Read the whole story

  • Behavioral Differences, Aging Population Changing Search

    Nuances in behavior will change the future of search. Findings from Path Interactive show variances in the use of search based on age, experience, … Read the whole story

  • IAB Europe Updates Transparency And Consent Specs

    The updates aim to provide "a little more granularity and more specificity" to consumers, IAB Europe CEO Townsend Feehan says. Read the whole story

  • Networks Find Younger TV Viewers In Traditional, Streaming Venues

    While CBS may have an average viewer median age of 60 on its linear TV network, the same shows on OTT platforms yield audiences … Read the whole story

  • Augmented Reality Familiarity Depends On Age

    Some areas of Internet of Things technologies play better in some demographics than others, partly because different generations tend to focus on different things. Read the whole story